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rci aux 450 personnes qui étaient présentes sur les 2 jours d'évènement pour écouter les conférences, assister aux ateliers de démonstration,

Richelle Loughney

Wow! It's so amazing that you got to save that much rainwater in your tanks. With little effort, you acquired ample supply of water during hot weather. This made me consider to get a tank and start saving rain water.

Katherine Inman

Richelle is right; this is an economic alternative to water use. Still, it’s important to double check safety just in case you plan to use the water for consumption.

Tabatha Tidd

Looks like those tanks will be enough to water your garden even beyond summer. I’m thinking it would probably take a year to use up all the water inside those three, once they get filled. And since the tanks are sealed, the water supply will be kept clean and safe for use. =)


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