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Tuliswensi Sinyangwe

I am very interested in knowing the experience with Bokashi Fertilizer.
I am working on a project, in which local farmers here in Zambia may just adopt the use of Bakashi.
I would like information on the production, advantages and disadvantages.
You may email me on: [email protected]

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Very healthy it is looking and i would like to go for a try with it..

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Home-grown vegetables is fresh


I would like to know more about bokashi and I want to try it with my crops. I want to know also the process of making bokashi.


Its very economical planting veges in your backyards. Fresh and free vegetables from your backyard.

Belkis Akahi

I was trying to figure it out the process which I think would be beneficial for us to have a good harvest.


That is the best idea if you wanna save money.


What is really great about Bokashi is the shorter period of time to perfect the composting process.


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