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November 02, 2007


Dave Andersen

You are absolutely right about this little clip being a metaphor for life
and aging. Youth will only see a good belly laugh; Age will identify with this elderly gentleman alone on the escalator of life with his little brief case full of life experience and a sandwich. One must approach life with resolution. Life continues on: it's whether or not you chose to go with it. If you lose your resolve and focus, life will continue on without you, even spill you on your ass. But if you step up briskly, pay attention, and go with the flow, life will happily carry you up to the next level.


I know what was in the briefcase: "Escalators for Dummies."


@andersen, your words are enough. I am enlightened. Thanks


This is a good one. Bookmarked. Will check out more. Keep posting sir.

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