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January 11, 2007


Victor B Mattaur

I wasn’t sure of the noise I was generating so I’m glad to hear the prognosis of gollum’s decease. I’m also delighted that you watched the presentation in wonder with someone who could totally enjoy the experience with you. My wife is a practical woman who insists on using the FREE LG phone that Cingular provided 2 years ago, no matter how bad the sound quality. She didn’t understand my excitement nor did she comprehend the beads of sweat that formed on my lower quivering lip as I watched and re-committed to a device that I really do not like. Now,,,.. do not get me wrong, I currently have the Razr which is a really cool and sexy phone, however I hate answering calls. So my wife said that I needn’t bother with the new iPhone because I currently do not answer calls with the cell phone I have and my response was, “are you kidding, if I’m going to continue to ignore call’s, I have to do it while surfing the web and listening to music and besides, I get the option of deleting messages without ever listening which supports my philosophy of ignoring people.” P.S. buy stock; it’s a sucker’s bet.

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