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October 16, 2006


Mary M. Smith

Do you believe every bad thing you hear or read about the Bush Adm? Spin works both ways. Your Mom

R Blog

It's pretty bad when you get called out by your mother on your blog...but,yes, I'm pretty much believing any negative thing I'm hearing about the Bush Admin as is, apparently, most of the country according to the recently spun poll numbers. In this case, Kuo is the second former high ranking official of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives to criticise the Administration. John Dilulio wrote a famous letter to author Ron Suskind which can be read here http://www.esquire.com/features/articles/2002/021202_mfe_diiulio_1.html
Dilulio later recanted the letter after he found a horse's head in his bed (as Bill Maher says, "I kid the President). Come on mom. Even Bob Woodward has seen the light!

Seven Star Hand

Hello guys and gals.

Now there's more stunning proof that Christians are easily duped into supporting blatant evil

The latest book of stunning revelations titled "Tempting Faith" by former Bush Administration insider David Kuo provides compelling first-hand evidence that the Christian Right was purposely duped into providing pivotal political support and cover for a host of crimes and excesses by Republican leaders and the Whitehouse. This book and the Foley fiasco are serving to awaken Christians to the undeniable fact that they have been deceived into abetting the evil deeds of duplicitous scoundrels, once again.

The events of recent years and the several millennia before them have provided us with comprehensive proof that religion is the chosen and purposeful tool of great deceivers. Whether we view the actions of the Temple priesthood of ancient Israel that conspired with Greco-Roman invaders, the sad and sordid history of the Vatican and Papacy, Christian crusaders and colonizers, injustices by leaders and followers of Islam, the oppression of Palestinians by the State of Israel, or the more recent activities of the so-called Christian Right and Republican Party, religious followers are regularly and easily misled into supporting obvious evil.

What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent otherwise good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?



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