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May 02, 2006


Jules Cooper

In my small town we have a new diet called the 100 mile diet. If it can't be grown within a 100 mile radius, you don't eat it. I believe with gas prices on the rise, and nutrition at an all time low, it is the most practical diet I've heard of.

I teach yoga at the local university and it is fascinating how disconnected people are from their food. How do you get someone to understand their body is the essence of their food--and our food growing practices? When I tell them to eat organic they complain it is too expensive. Expensive???? Try cancer, diabetes or heart disease for expensive.


That 100-mile diet is currently being called the Eat Local Challenge, and May 2006 is the month chosen to take the challenge. I am one of over 700 people participating in this event, and one of a handful of authors who are collectively blogging about our experiences.


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