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April 07, 2006



I love to end the week laughing, and you liberals never fail to make me laugh.

Ever since there was such a thing as classification of documents the president has the authority to unclassify whatever. You know - like Liberal Clinton exposed our stealth fighter, and Liberal Johnson exposed the existance of the U-2 spy plane.

Bush de-classified documents so whiners like you might be a bit more educated about the Iraq topic (he was obviously dreaming, that could never happen). No where did he tell anyone to "leak" anything.

Just think about it - DUH. If something is no longer classified, the concept of "lead" wouldn't apply.

Geesh! Where's Your Brain?


And if you can't figure it out, please change "lead" to "leak"!


Why did Bush deny knowing who released this data all of 8 times? Why did he lie smart guy? At some point people like you still defending these criminals will have to be held responsible for their actions. Its getting to the point that Bush followers are criminally complicent.

R Blog

It's always strange to learn that there are monarchists in America like commenter JustaDog who apparently believes in divine right.

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