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April 17, 2006



I've been doing this all wrong. When I invoke the name of Jesus on the golf course it usually involves the middle initial and last name and occurs after rather than before the shot.

Jane S

Nice to have you back.
Wonder what these guys say to themselves when the putt DOESN'T go in.


Science is called for here, Randy. You play golf often, right? What you need to do is be "born again" in Jesus' name for three months, keep track of your scores, then dump Christianity and take up another faith.

Over a couple of years you'd have worked your way through the major religions and could see which one produces the best golf score.

That one, obviously, would be the faith you'd keep. For what profiteth a golfer if he saves his soul, but has a high handicap?

It could be argued that sincerity is the essence of faith, but since most religious people aren't all that sincere, I don't think we have a problem scientifically.

You'd just have to be sure that you don't change your game in other ways, such as by buying a new club. Hard to do, but in the name of science, you could handle it.

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