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March 18, 2006


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

Quite agree. I'm so glad we've gotten to see the non-Mr. Wick side of Ferguson. He's one of the hidden (well, no longer) gems of American television and deserves much more fame than he's gotten.

It's one of the few reasons I'll turn on the television anymore.


I wonder the same thing. How did this incredibly talented man make it to this age without being a huge star? I started watching his show last summer and have become a big fan. I've seen all of his movies. Even when the movies are terrible, you realize he is a gifted actor. And, the 3 movies he wrote are all great. Now he's a talk show host and an author, not of the usual celebrity book but a real literary work. Viva Craig Ferguson!


Think he is great, still can't understand how he has been hidden all these years (maybe I have been hidden too). Just found out he was on the Drew Carey show so that is how out of things I have been. Hope to see him in the Letterman spot soon (not the red head!!!!)


i'm so glad you have acknowledged the wonderfully talented and completely hilarious craig ferguson. I discovered him about December 2005, and have been watching him every sinlge night ever since. He's a great distraction for us nocturnal creatures...lol. Anyway, check out my site: www.modernhippy.spaces.live.com. My blogs are completely outta this world, but very well recieved so far. Blogging is sort of a new thing for me, but I have to say, I'm an addict. So check me out and post a comment. Ciao for now.






I would love to get an email address or fan mail address for Craig. I think he is fantastic!!!

Eileen Barrera

I was unable to sleep and found Craig Ferguson. I found his show hysterical. I need to have insomnia more often. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. I actually looked up his bio and found out he was involved in Saving Grace, one of my favorite movies.


Thanks for sharing!


Craig is the best host ever - next to Carson. However, lately he has kind of lost it. So many repeats, etc. I hate when he talks to the psychic Davis. Over and over! I love when Prince Charles goes out on the street of LA. I loved when they mimicked Bush. When will he quit showing those pictures of Angela Lansbury, etc. that we have seen at least 100 times. It is so tiresome. I record him each night but usually end up watching him too. I can watch his old shows over and over. This past week have been the worst shows I've seen in the past two years.


you cannot honestly think that randy kagan is a professional - OMG total loser your show will die


Did anyone watch his show Monday 6/23 and remember who the emails were from? My DVR malfunctioned, and I missed it. And I had sent an email, am really curious if he read it on air.



Please tell Mr. Dukovny that URINE stops the sting from stings! He needs to tell his son also that if he ever gets stung again, he should pee and put it on his sting site! You should also know this! This is grist for your comedic hilarious ridiculous insulting belly-busting mill, I hope. God, I love you! If I didn't have Two and A Half Men and you to laugh with, I'd probably cry!

Jenny from the Hillbilly State, WV (Huntington)

Walt Tilton

Sept 10, 2008 monologue regarding voting, media coverage of the candates and politicians was sensational, kept me glued to the television when all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I stood and applauded MR. Ferguson. I was also thankful that it carried over to the first portion of the show,it was very, very refreshing. Love this guy


Mr. Ferguson,
How do you do you keep it together and funny for a whole show? I'm maui-wowwied every time I hear your side-splitting material. I'd love to know your secret! I won't tell.
Yours truly,

Carolyn & Bill Dance

Craig is the American Dream! I believe he has made it! We watch him everynight! He pulled himself out of drugs, alcoholic and has got somewhere. I commend him on his show. I love the extra show he puts on plus the interviews. Tonights show 12/15/09 was funny, artistic and we didn't want to miss a minute of it. I think he is the first talk show host to do a whole show as a puppet. I have been e-mailing him asking for more puppets. I love the sets he has with all the dancing and puppets. I think he held back and gave us a command performance for this 1000 show. We have been pulling for this guy who has come a long way and we back him all the way to all the success he receives. I think he has proven to the world he is first class entertainment. Thank you whoever gave him a break and put him on this show! He is just great and has so much energy. We love you Craig, keep up the good work,
Bill & Carolyn Dance
From Indianapolis, Indiana (We saw you at the Murat in In)


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