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March 14, 2006



I must have too much time on my hands also, because I scanned through all of this guy's solicitations. Interesting.

I've gotten free stuff from companies, but only after complaining about something. Then they try to buy back your good will with some coupons.

Tip: if you want some free movie tickets, go to a Regal Cinema, get offended about something (that's easy to do: sound, popcorn price, pre-movie ads)and then tell Regal central that your movie experience was less than stellar.

Wait a few weeks and, bingo, free movie tickets come in the mail. I thought about complaining after every movie, so we'd never have to pay for tickets again, but I figured Regal (or Karmic Law) would catch on to me.


Apparently, I have also have the time! Ha. And today I just happened to pop into Starbucks for a cuppa joe.... just on the day and time they were offering a free 12 oz. java. Yummeeee. Nothing like a free cuppa coffee to make this girl happy-slappy. :)

Jane S

Hey. Tried the letter thing years ago when Tide regular laundry detergent changed its scent. (Horrible)
Returned the box I had just bought to the Tide Co. with a testy note that it smelled like a French brothel.

A month later got an apologetic note, and a large box of Tide laundry products, ALL of which smelled like a . .guess what . . . French brothel.

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