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October 19, 2005



You are such a HIP guy!


fuck that. youre completely wrong about them.


You Have Utterly NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what your talking about...why not ask real fans about them before making these ridiculous statements


Coin Operated Boy is not about vibrators, dildos or any kind of sexual toy. It's about having a sort of wind up man who will be the ideal partner and she won't have to deal with all the shit that love has to bring sometimes. The part you quoted:
saying that he loves me that hes thinking of me
straight and to the point
Shows that she just wants simple, love. She will wind him up (like a toy) and he will tell her all she wants to hear.

They are hardly goth, but in a league of their own.



You're an idiot.


OMG!!! Your WRONG!!! You obviously do NOT know the dresden dolls. For fucks sake, you should think about what you are saying before you write this shit down. *evil glares* Amanda is AWESOME as is Brian and what the hell is wrong with their lyrics? They are RAD. You try and write a song... Your a dickhead!!!


If you've got "no idea what the heck that might mean", you've also no idea about what you're trying to write. Your article is such narrow-minded that I'm afraid about people reading this. First get some knowledge and think, than write!
This is all bulshit about the DD.


I was directed here by another avid fan and feel that although you have not completely slated the band, you have introduced issues with your own opinions. Which is entirely acceptable in our day and age. However I must agree with the abouve on certain matters your brain has addresses. It seems you are thinking in a closed mind position about the lyrics. I too listening to 'coin-operated boy' and saw throught the obvious conclusion to the one that is perhaps the true. The song is about finding absoulute happniess whitout emotional strive, which seems to be impossible and may be the reasoning for the lyrics. Even though I will agree that some people have over-reacted and not shared their thoughts/opinions I must also tell you that they are not-nor described as ''gothic'' They are burlesque and their face paints aprt of them/their act. I would suggest if you were after a gothic flutter to check out cradle of flith.


Maybe, just maybe you should adtually take the time to do some research before you post something.
Like Devon said, maybe you should try asking some real fans before you post gross assumtions.


What it seems to me is that you just recently started enjoying the sounds of The Dresden Dolls, and you made very unrealistic assumptions. "Gothic" does not even hit the slightest mark on what The Dresden Dolls are, or I would hope ever wanting to be. They are all about individuality and personalities, there is not really a stereotypical point of view within them whatsoever. Although listeners can take whatever they want out of the music, one thing is certain that Coin Operated Boy is most definately about any "Sexual Toys." I cannot blame you for your ignorance, but I can be disgusted with what I just read, and I was.


The Dresden dolls is a punk cabaret style. Meaning it tells storys.

To some people they sound like they have tons of sexual content. But you know what, you just have a dirty mind and that's all you think.

Coin operated boy is not sexual. Are you kidding me? It's a fictional fun story. That's like saying the disney channel is sexual.

You are terrible. Do more research next time.


Wow, you just butchered the band....if you dont know anything about the band, let alone...near hate/bashing the band. and their pictures, arent done in a pornographic way, its done in a art-ish way... and if you dont know what their songs are about...dont write about them.



Wow, you just butchered the band....if you dont know anything about the band, let alone...near hate/bashing the band. and their pictures, arent done in a pornographic way, its done in a art-ish way... and if you dont know what their songs are about...dont write about them.



what is wrong about the dolls? they are one of the few proper storytelling bands around and how do you decide their a) goth or b)writing about sex all the time?


Their website is not full of nude pictures or as your hinty at, porn. Rather those are very famous old greek and italian paints during the 1800s Era. Those are considered works of art not slanderous pornography. Secondly none of the songs talk about wanting to moleste rape or assault another person rather you have to look at the meaning to the song not what is just being said, that comes with being a bit more open minded rather then block-headed. Finally coin operated boy has nothing to do with sexual toys, it is all about love and how she is searching for the perfect man or "knight in shining armour".

If your going to make statement please make sure they are atleast correct.



A parody of blow-up dolls? What!? Dearest, you couldn't be more wrong. Never, ever try to explain something you don't even begin to understand (and especially follow through with it after you've already admitted your ignorance).

Though if-- and this is assuming you might have some kind of scheming intellgience-- this "article" was to piss peoples off, you have done so quite well.

To finish it off, if you're ever going to consider yourself a journalist, you need to have facts and more research. Get quotes and look up the words you don't understand (ex: "punk cabaret"). Uhn. What a shame.

- natasha.


dude, ur a fucking idiot. their a great duo. at least they have balls to be origional. ur just jealous.


Unless you want to write songs, and preform them PERFECTLY. Don't critique other bands. You have no room to talk.


Geez, just because you misinterpreted their lyrics doesn't mean people should get all up in your face about it. I mean, from your comments, it sounds like you LIKE them, so I'm not sure why the commenters above are telling you you 'have no room to talk' and 'ur just jealous.'


reading this sets my mind on fire..what were you thinking when you wrote this. the dresden dolls lryics are deep, they have meanings that you have to find. the dresden dolls are the greatest band ever, and amanda and brian are fabulous people. they are not a goth band they are PUNK CABARET!!!! if you actually took the time to research them you would know that.
also the website is not full of nudity, there are a few skin baring pictures, not porn or anything bad. every picture was taken with good taste. the dresden dolls are the greatst band of all times!

R Blog

Just noticed that on August 12 and 13 a bunch of DD fans ganged up on me and tried to beat me up (except for Spinner) who actually read the blog and noticed that I really do like the Dresden Dolls even though they are obviously too YOUNG for me to comprehend. They are **** on my iPod and I highly recommend their interesting sound. Beware of their fans, however. A very touchy group.

John Horsley

Hi I saw The Dredsden Dolls at The Round House in Camden. I love the burlesque troop of performers that accompanied them... my pictures are at www.picturise.com


You guys are assholes. Brian and Amanda would be happy that someone was listening, trying to understand, and trying to get the word out. They wouldn't belittle and shit-upon someone, no-matter how YOUNG (amanda is in her thirties you realize) or OLD.

Just because a song means something specific to the writer, doesn't mean that it translates the same to the listener. That is part of the beauty and tragedy of art.

If it helps make you guys feel special that "only you" and your aching juvenile heart "gets" what Amanda is trying to say, go ahead and keep feeling that way, by all means. If you grow at all in your lives, you'll come back and listen to these songs and realize how many layers they have, and how dependent your understanding will be on your life experiences.

And its impossible to deny that, on the surface, many of Amanda's lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek and intentionally have multiple meanings. Coin-Operated Boy not excluded.

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