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August 05, 2005


dave andersen

My ancestors came to Everett in the 1890's when it was largely a stump town.
Everett, named for the son of Mr. Colby of Lowell, MA,
made a Faustian bargain with the logging and paper mills: You give us jobs and we'll let you despoil one of the greatest natural waterfront towns and harbors in America. I remember going fishing with my dad and brothers in the 50's when the boat left a sick looking yellow wake, the effluent from Scott paper company, We played on the piers and caught strange looking bullheads with 3 eyes. Everett may be reclaiming itself, but I will never forgive the first Everettites who let this beautiful town site be ravaged like some 3rd world backwater, let all the money be sent back east while their children played games in the detrius and waste left behind. It all started with a "deal" made in St Paul, Minn. late in the 19th century. Frederick Weyerhauser and James J. Hill shook hands and then both of them took a big dump, not even figuratively speaking, on my home town.

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