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June 19, 2005


C Dains

What is with the NBC golf commentators ? Watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational and Tiger is setting up for his approach on the 16th on Sunday afternoon, we hear them say "Where is he aiming .... why would he be aiming all the way over there?" He hits the shot and it lands and rolls to within 8 feet of the cup. Guys ..... how long are you going to have to watch him before you finally realize and accept that he obviously knows what he is doing. Makes you sound completely idiotic when you question what this guy is doing. Have you been watching at all for the last ten years ??? Seriously .... why can't you just keep quiet and let him show you, yet again, from one shot to the next, from one come back to the next, from one win to the next ..... he knows what he is doing ..... duh.

Reserve your questions and doubts for all others out there trying to even come close to him ... and if he faulters, well feel free to question at that point, but until that day comes they would be so much better served just being quiet and enjoying the incredible show he continually puts on ... and please allow us to do the same without the lame comments

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