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June 24, 2005



I wander how the Department of Real Estate is going to view the ethics/morals of the agents/Broker involved in the sale of his house in Del Mar. If I, as a Real Estate Broker, knew that a property was being sold for $700,000 more than it's worth, I'd be getting something in writing from both parties to insure that they both know what's happening.

If the old "Duke Stir" had have just taken another check, instead of pumping up the price, he'd still be putting our brave troops in danger by awarding contracts to sub-par defense contractors who have to bribe to get their Company the business.

Both should get the maximum sentances for this dispicable act of treason.

Duke should return his Navy Cross--which he earned by having 4 Migs fly into his line of sight. He should also lose all of his retirement money and spend the maximun 33 years in jail.

I flew the F-4C on the USS Ranger in 1971 and was replaced by Cunningham's Carrier in May 1971. He was unliked by most of us even before he became an "ACE". The story of "Top Gun" was not about him--at all.

Any other Navy Officer would have easily have made Admiral with the recognition he received: he'll now get plenty of recognition in the slammer and probably become the "Grand Dame" for all of his soon-to-be "Little Johns".

He was just a crude loud mouth "Christian", with no morals, no ethics, no honor and no brains. I just hope that the Judge wasn't part of the pay-off grouop and gives O' Duke a swift kick in the ass for his un-patriotic service.

Instead of the Navy Cross, he should have been given a dishonorable discharge.


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