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June 22, 2005



Hey, you can come prune for us all you want! We have lots of pruning for you!


A GOOD pruning is called for time to time. Shawn and I went through the same thing when I was pruning the enormous rose bushes in front a few months ago. I wanted to prune more but compromised. And how tall are the roses?? Above the roof line!

Jane Schmiedeskamp

Hey Randy,
Remember me? When Kendra and Noble got married, I'm the one who begged to go out and free the little statue that sits at the top of the walk near the porch steps from its obliterating veil of ivy. I was told, "it will look so bare and it might not grow back". Fat chance. I was allowed my judicious pruning session.

Fear not. The ivy near my side door gets pruned 3 times a summer, having grown 3-4 feet after each pruning, covering the flagstone walkways, and creating a trip-you-and-maim-you obstacle to walking.

Of course, it rains in Michigan in the summer. You might consider some prudent watering when it gets very hot and dry there, ( hopefully staving off the arrival of the landscaper).

Kendra schmiedeskamp

eek! eek! a black widow! eek!


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