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May 16, 2005


dave andersen

Rule#1 for criminal behavior: Never do a crime on an island.
There is only one way off. The locals are so bored they are always looking out the window at every strange car or person.
Everybody knows everybody. They all talk to each other.

My favorite story here is the sheriff's deputy who answers a call for teenage house burglars (called in by a next door neighbor of course).
When he gets there, the teens flee into the woods with their pillow cases of loot.
"Deputy Hayseed" walks around the neigborhood feeling all the car hoods until he finds a warm one. He waits, takes a snooze,after dark the culprits skulk back to their car, the deputy apprehends them; they deny that this is their car, funny the deputy ran the plates and finds that it is registered to one of them. The criminals respone: "Hey, I don't know how my car got over here, we walked on the ferry.

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