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March 02, 2005


Nana Jane

Hey There Toenail Man
Try NWA. They board the back rows FIRST. Also, when booking a flight insist on getting a seat assignment, and tell them, as I do, that you are over 6 feet tall, and will only travel on a flight that has an aisle seat available for you.
Try a "small procedure" face mask, (available at good pharmacies for about a buck), and wear it for the whole flight, and avoid the coughing, sneezing, sick and virulent fellow passengers, and the poor airhandling procedures. Just tell the Stewies that you are going to need to wear one. Tell your seat-mates that "you have a bad cold, and don't want to infect them". They'll thank you.
Avoid the pillow thing by getting an inflateable, (on site, with your breath), U shaped neck pillow. Handy because you can place it in a way that will keep your mouth from falling open in an ungainly way. Not that anyone will notice, because you'll have your face mask on.
Nana knows.


Hee hee..They already have what you mentioned! And then some..nose gel, ear plugs and eye masks. Bye bye snorkel face, hello airline face!


I feel your pain!

On the way back from Germany last October we were assigned the Exit Row, and felt as if we had won the lottery -- boundless leg room and only three steps from the lavs. Better yet, our flight attendant was a U of Miami fan so we talked football and the ACC and she gave us lots of extra goodies (using the term "goodies loosely).

On the other hand, the Donner Party would have gladly put up with all the hassle, and would have very much enjoyed the airline food.


Oy, such whining and kvetching I have never hoid!

Of course the free market works. If there are enough people who are truly as upset as you, they will simply stop flying or file formal complaints. When the airlines feel it in the bottom line, they will either improve or go under.

Obviously if nobody is as upset as you, which is apparent by the inaction by the airlines on these matters, then things will stay the same, for thus hath the market spoken.

You know lika da soivice, you no hafta fly. Drive or take a bus or stay home!


It's David, Alaska has recently downgraded on MFR to LAX from a jet that took 90 min to something with propellers that takes 120 min. I utilize Bose sound reduction headset, and pretend I'm escaping Casablanca as I wave to Humphrey and Paul.I can usually comsume half a murder mystery before landing.

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